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Helping You with Your Rhenium and other Minor Metal Recycling Needs

RJR Alloys Inc. provides companies in U.S. and worldwide with metal recycling services for base metals or minor metals. Our team has the resources and solutions you need to safely handle your materials and achieve the greatest value for them. With a track record of integrity, timely service, and expertise, we make buying and selling metal bearing materials and pure metals easy.

Pieces of Metal

Scrap Recycling

Safely dispose of your unwanted scrap alloy and receive the highest possible value for it. We help you obtain the maximum value by performing a variety of tasks, including:

 » Contamination Removal
 » Crushing
 » Melting and Conversion
 » Packaging
 » Shearing
 » Shot Blasting
 » Sorting and Grading

For a Quote

Please submit a chemical composition, the form of the materials, the weight and a description of the packaging. Our team has successfully processed metal bearing materials from a wide range of facilities including the aerospace and medical industries. We specialize in purifying metals from dealers and companies, preparing them for certification and sale through detailed analysis. Our 16,000 sq ft facility has the equipment in place to process these materials.

Pure Metal and Alloy Supply

We offer a wide variety of alloys and pure metals that have been verified through independent labs. It is our mission to ensure that you receive the finest pure metals and master alloys that meet your Air and Vac melt quality needs. Although our stock is always changing, we do routinely supply:

 » Chromium (Cr)
 » Cobalt (Co)
 » Molybdenum (Mo)
 » Nickel (Ni)
 » Rhenium (Re)
 » Tantalum (Ta)
 » Tungsten (W)

Metallurgical Consulting

RJR Alloys Inc. has experience in helping companies find solutions to their metallurgical issues. Our staff provides:

 » Alloy and Master Alloys Selection Assistance
 » Failure Analysis
 » Melting and Conversion Consulting
 » Recycling Consulting