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Minor Metal Recycling Services for Businesses and Dealers

Get the most out of your used alloys by working with our team. We have experience in refining and selling metals ranging from rhenium to nickel. Our team of skilled metal engineers is ready to help you coordinate preparation activities like contamination removal, shot blasting, and more.

Metal Processing

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About Us

At RJR Alloys Inc., we are focused on purchasing and recycling metals in all forms ranging from grindings and turnings to solids. Based in Greenville, Pennsylvania, we work with scrap dealers and companies throughout the country. It is our mission to provide comprehensive metal processing services at the fairest prices possible.

Our team has more than 20 years of experience working in metal melting and casting. Our owner and founder has experience in working as the CEO of a large private recycling company that handled metal revert for aerospace companies. Allow us to put that wealth of experience to work for you.

Recycling is key for both environmental and financial reasons. By participating in the metal trade industry, we can help ensure that your company receives compensation for unneeded materials while also having access to the raw metals and alloys you need for success.



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